Terms & Conditions

II. Contract

With your (in the following called customer) purchase on USBeXtremeshop.com you enter a legally binding contract with USBeXtremeshop.com (in the following called the company). Customer guarantees that he/she is of full age and / or legally able to enter this contract. Parents or legal guardians of minors who illegally enter a contract shall be fully responsible for any damages caused as a result.

Customer must provide correct personal data of themselves (name, address etc.) in order to enter a contract with company. Once customer has paid in full for the purchase(s) made and company has shipped the order(s) the contract is deemed as fullfilled.

II. Sales

All sales are final and the company generally does not accept returns for the reasons of a customer disliking a product or having ordered a wrong product. Products which have been special ordered for the customer cannot be returned in any circumstance (except for defect/warranty issues). The company reserves the right not to serve a customer on its own sole discretion and may refuse orders without any notification or explanation.

III. Shipping

The company is located in Hong Kong, China and ships all products by airmail through Hong Kong Post. Hong Kong Post works with the local shipping couriers in each respective country so the customer will receive the shipping to their doorstep through their local shipping courier.

All products are being shipped from Hong Kong by either "Regsitered Airmail" or "EMS Speedpost Express Airmail" (EMS Speedpost).

Registered Airmail takes approximately 10 to 20 working days to arrive in most countries, however there are exceptions and it may take longer for example if the shipping is delayed because of strike, customs controls and other reasons that are out of the companies influence. Registered Airmail has a "registered airparcel" number which can be traced but it doesn't come with detailed "online tracking". It is generally considered a safe option and suggested for low to medium valued items, however there is no shipping insurance for "Registered Airmail". Once the product(s) have been shipped by the company with Registered Airmail, the customer is solely responsible for the shipment. The company shall under no circumstance be liable for loss or damage during the shipping to the customer.

EMS Speedpost takes approximately 3 to 7 working days to arrive in most countries, however there are exceptions and it may take longer for example if the shipping is delayed because of strike, customs controls and other reasons that are out of the companies influence.
EMS Speedpost has detailed online tracking and by default includes a shipping insurance which covers loss and / or damage up to a value of US$ 120. For more expensive items the shipping insurance can be increased up to a value of US$ 500 for only US$ 5 and up to a value of US$ 1,000 for only US$ 8. For insuring higher priced items than US$ 1,000 please contact us after you have made your purchase.
In case of loss or damage of EMS Speedpost parcels it is very important and legally necessary that the customer indicates the damage to the courier at the time of delivery immediately! The customer may open the parcel at the time of delivery with the courier person present as witness. In case of severe damage the customer should refuse acceptance of the parcel and get a signature from the courier person with a statement that the parcel and product has been damaged during delivery. Only with such a confirmation can the customer claim insurance for a damaged parcel/shipment/product.

The customer shall not accept a obiously damaged parcel and then ship it back to the company. The customer must deal with damaged parcels at the time of delivery directly with the delivery courier so a shipping insurance claim can be made. The customer also must notify the company and pass on the statement and proof of the damaged shipment as received by the courier person.

Any occuring customs fees, taxes or duties charged by the customers customs office for products bought and imported by the customer shall be the sole liability of the customer. The company shall under no circumstances refund any customs fees, taxes, duties or other related costs that are being charged to the customer by their (local) customs office. A shipment may be delayed through the customers local customs office. In that case the customer may be responsible to pick up the shipment directly at their customs office.
In such a case the local shipping courier will normally leave a message/notification with the customer that they can pick up their parcel at the customs office.

IV. Returns

The company accepts returns only in the following cases:
-DOA (dead on arrival)
-Defect on arrival
-Wrongly delivered products
-Warranty related returns

For products that are dead on arrival (DOA) the company will exchange the product free of charge. The customer shall pay for shipping back the product to the company first and will get a credit for it either as a store credit or as a money refund. The customer shall choose a appropriate shipping option which has to be airmail and registered so it is possible to track and trace the parcel. The company will refund a maximum shipping fee of the same amount that the company charged to customer for shipping when placing the order.

For products that are defect on arrival the same regulations apply as above for products that are DOA (dead on arrival), however the company will first check the product for defects after receiving it to rule out operator's error. If the defect is being confirmed by the company the same returns regulations as for DOA produts above apply, otherwise the return of non defective products may be rejected by the company. The return shipping to the customer of non defective returned products has to be paid by the customer.

For products that wrongly have been delivered by the company (where a wrong product has been delivered) the same regulations apply as for DOA (dead on arrival) products as stated above. The customer has to contact the company first to indicate a wrongly delivered product and fill out the RMA form to request a return. The company will refund shipping costs as stated above for DOA products and ship the correct product without any shipping charge for the customer.

For products that have gone defective within the warranty period the customer may send back the defective product to the company. The customer has to pay for return shipping the defective product to the company and shall choose a registered airmail shipping option which can be tracked online. After the company receives the product it will be checked for defects and once confirmed the company will either A) exchange the product for a new one or B) have the product repaired. The company may choose either option A or B, whichever is more economic or feasible. If a returned product turns out not to be defect and the issue was operator's error the company will ship the product back to the customer, the shipping back has to be paid by the customer.

For all returns the customer has to open a RMA returns request first. The company will NOT accept any returns that have not been cleared with companies RMA department first. Any such returns that have not been cleared first will be refused and automatically sent back to customer. Customer can request a RMA here.

V. Cancelation

Once customer has placed an order it can be canceled as long as the order has not been shipped yet.
Products which have been special ordered (company will inform the customer at the time of ordering if this is the case) can under no circumstances be canceled. In order to cancel an order please contact us.

VI. Warranty

The company gives a warranty on all new products and a "working guarantee" on second hand products.

Standard warranty on new products:
-6 months from the date of purchase


Working Guarantee:

The company gives a working guarantee on Modchips, any disc media (CD, DVD, BluRay discs) and second hand products. This means the company guarantees that the products are working at the time of shipment to the customer.

To claim a warranty for a defective items please also see the details under III. Returns first. A RMA request has to be opened by the customer before sending back any products. You can do so by clicking here.

VII. Other

The customer is responsible to keep their customer account safe at all times. The password chosen for the customer account shall be a safe password. i.e. one that is not guessable by other people such as a birthdate, name etc. Passwords shall not be passed on to other people by the customer.

The company reserves the right to ammend these terms and conditions and / or add clasues as appropriate at any time without prior notification to the customer. The customer is agreeing to these terms and conditions with their purchase and entering a legally binding contract.

The company reserves the right to change prices and shipping costs as appropriate at any time without prior notification. Errors and omissions excepted.

The native currency of USBeXtremeshop.com is USD (US Dollar) and is the relevant and applicable currency in case of any issues or discrepancies. Other currencies in the shop are being caluclated automatically by the system and may not be accurate to the minute. 

Place of jurisdiction: Hong Kong S.A.R.


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